I’ve made the leap and taken the other fork in the path. I’ll be blogging from here until October 2008. See you there!

Together with my best travel/food buddy, I bit the bullet and took a 12-hour bus ride to Georgetown, Penang recently. We had only one objective: FOOD and true enough, we completely pigged ourselves out over the 3 days.

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I wrote a few Greasemonkey scripts that fixes a couple of UI quirks on Zooomr for me. Click through the links for more details and screenshots.

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Nintendo DS Lite

I’ve been spending some quality time (heh) with my friend’s Nintendo DS Lite (NDS) so here’s little a review even though I know I’m late to the game. The “release” of DS Lite in Singapore came rather late, compared to Japan and the US. And even then, the official distributor is only giving an utterly miserly 3 months warranty for these “local” sets. Pathetic but unsurprising, given the dismal state of Nintendo distributorship in Singapore; the Wii is still not officially released and gamers have to put up with over-priced “export” sets without warranty.

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