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I saw the ad for the Yellow Ribbon Project at the bus stop today and it reminded me a post I came across, where the blogger felt that the campaign was excessive and trivialising crime.

While I understand where she is coming from, and her arguments are not without merit, I find it hard to agree with her.

My reasons are simple. There will not be an overnight reversal of long entrenched attitudes and prejudices just because there is now a campaign/media blitz about it. Especially in our little nation where public campaigns are a dime a dozen.

The vast majority of ex-convicts are still going to be rejected by employers, shunned by the public and even family, and held up as negative examples by mothers to their children. Life as a former convict will always be a struggle.

The best the campaign can hope to achieve is to chip a little window in the social prison what ex-convicts live, so that some hope can shine through for those who seek it.

There will always be rotten eggs, but if we can learn not to throw out the entire basket without taking a closer look, it would have been worth it.

Yellow Ribbon Project

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