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So. I decided to give a Ultimate Tag Warrior a spin when I started having some strange problems with the Jerome’s Keywords Plugin after the 2.1 WordPress upgrade. I poked around and couldn’t figure out what was wrong and decided to switch over to UTW.

There wasn’t much advice on Google for people contemplating the switch so I decide to give it a shot myself. It was pretty easy really; simply a matter of moving tag data from the JK table (wp_jkeywords) to the UTW ones (wp_tags, wp_post2tag).

You will have to execute the SQL code below through phpMyAdmin or the MySql client of your choice. The code is provided as-is, with absolutely no warranties, so please don’t blame me if you wipe out your database. Backup backup backup.

  2. — Step 1. Create tags in UTW from JK
  3. INSERT INTO wp_tags (tag)
  4. SELECT DISTINCT tag_name FROM wp_jkeywords
  6. — Step 2. Link tags to posts in UTW
  7. INSERT INTO wp_post2tag (tag_id, post_id)
  8. SELECT t.tag_id, j.post_id
  9. FROM wp_tags t, wp_jkeywords j
  10. WHERE j.tag_name = t.tag
  12. — Done!

After running the sql, you may need to do a “Tidy Tags” in UTW (WP Admin > Manage > Tags > Manage Tags) before things start showing up properly.

Remember, backup!

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Hello Ella!

Upgraded WordPress to the latest and the greatest 2.1 version “Ella”. Relative painless upgrade but the Category Exclusion plugin I was using is broken. It was causing query_posts to return duplicate records for posts which have multiple categories. No biggie to fix; just remove the plugin and use the exclude parameter when calling the list categories function. Incidentally, while patching the theme, I found out that wp_list_cats is deprecated and is replaced by wp_list_categories in WP2.1.

What’s harder to fix is the problem WP Tiger Admin has with the tabbed Tiny MCE interface. Toggling between the Visual and Code modes causes the UI to go a little crazy. I regularly switch between both modes when editing a post, so this a bummer.

In Visual Mode initially Click on Code modeThen click back on Visual mode again

Other than, “Ella” seems to be working well. What I like most:

  • Ability to toggle between WYSIWYG and code mode in the editor
  • Auto-save!
  • Improved upload manager – it’s a whole lot more intuitive now

I still prefer the Tiger Admin interface though, and I hope it gets fixed soon…

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WordPress announced a security update and it’s recommended that everyone with 2.0.6 and below to get the update.

I decided to go for it since the upgrade patches a potential security vulnerability. The upgrade itself took about 15 minutes and most of the time was spent backing up and loading the new files up the server. I do wish that the Plugin Admin screen had “Deactivate All” and “Activate All” functions so that I didn’t have to manually deactivate/activate each plugin during the upgrade.

I took the chance to also upgrade the WP Tiger Administration plugin to v3.0. This was a design overhaul and also fixed a couple of minor UI hiccups that the older version had on WordPress 2. Nice.

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Move Reloaded

The move to WordPress from my old MovableType blog is finally done. The initial install and import of my old entries took probably less than 15 minutes, thanks to Dreamhost’s One-Click Install feature. Very nice. I probably spent more time working on the Rewrite rules in the .htaccess file to make sure that links to the old blog address redirects properly.

I was running a really old version of MT, and having to rebuild pages after template changes was a pain. I couldn’t upgrade because I was running multiple blogs and MT’s license change at the time* (I remember the huge uproar it created amongst bloggers) meant that I wouldn’t be able to upgrade without paying.

I’ve been wanting to switch over to WordPress ever since, but was just too lazy tied up to do so. I decided to bite the bullet this week and made the switch, and really, it was alot easier than I thought. The import worked mostly fine but there was some problem with the embedded images from Zooomr. I had to get the image links fixed but no biggie. Other than that, WordPress is a joy to work with. Changing themes was just too easy; I couldn’t stop trying out new ones.

Hi, I’m ping and I’m a Theme-a-holic. 🙂

Talking about Zooomr, they had more than a spot of server trouble lately. I’m utterly sympathetic, having gone through a really bad hardware failure situation at work recently myself. Everything’s back online now, and to make things up to their users, Kristopher and team gave out lifetime pro accounts Pro 4 Life to their users who signed up before the troubles started. To top that off, they also increased bandwidth for normal users to 100MB/month and 4GB/month for pro accounts.

Zooomr is still giving out free 1-year Pro accounts to bloggers. So go get one already!

* [Update] I just checked out MT’s latest pricing and it seems that things have indeed changed. The MT Personal license now offers free usage for personal use, with no restrictions on the number of users or blogs. SixApart appears to be focusing on the enterprise blogging space, which is probably a much smarter move.

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