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Stumbled upon a pretty simple way to embed Google Maps in your WordPress blog, thanks to the Inline Google Maps 2 plugin. The instructions are relatively straightforward and plugin works as described. My only gripe is that the Google Maps javascript files are loaded on every page even if there are no maps embedded.

[Update] Seems like there is a better and more updated branch of the plugin by another author,  Avi Alkalay, that is more RSS friendly. I find that the display customisation also works better with this version. The plugin can be found here.

Orchard MRT

The map above was generated using the Google Maps plugin for WordPress.

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I’ve decided to experiment with Google Adsense on the blog. I first signed up for Adsense in 2005 but I never got around to incorporating the ads in the blog. It’s a bit of struggle really because I personally dislike personal blogs that are filled to the brim with ads (no offence to the folks who are big on this sort of thing; like I said, it’s personal).

I’ve decided to get my toes wet with the help of the Adsense-Deluxe plugin which allows you to embed Google ads in selected entries (like this one). This level of control is very appealing. I like the fact that because the ad space is not defined in the templates, they do not appear in every single archived page. Hopefully, I’ve gotten it at a level that is not too obtrusive.

Now all I have to do is to wait for the dollars to roll in… Ka-ching!

Thank goodness for day job. 😉

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