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Noodle House Ken

My sister was in the Cuppage area on Saturday and I had a ramen craving. Thanks to the recommendations that I found on AromaCookery and The Travelling Hungryboy, I decided to check out the Noodle House Ken at Orchard Plaza.

We swung by about 7pm and the helpful waitress directed us to the restaurant’s air-conditioned shop unit. I would have preferred to sit at the counter but because my sister was still adjusting to the weather, we decided to take the air-conditioned seats.

There was a small selection of ramen and and some side dishes. My sister and I decided to play it safe and ordered the Tamago Ramen (Stewed Egg Ramen, $12), Cha Shiu Ramen (Sliced Pork Ramen, $12) and the Fried Gyoza (Fried Dumplings, $5).

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