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On a short holiday back home for the Lunar New Year, I decided to celebrate my temporary return to broadband by taking a stab at Zooomr‘s InfoTags / InfoWidgets (How big of a geek am I? I actually code for fun. Sigh.)

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So, during Zooomr’s prolonged downtime due to Mark III’s relaunch, I went and signed up for a Pro account at Flickr on a complete impulse. The free account does not allow the downloading of the original hi-res photos (bummer) and only the latest 200 photos are shown in the active stream (what?). I haven’t used the free Flickr account much but since Zooomr is down for the Mark III (re)launch, I figured it was as good a time as any to check out Flickr properly.

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I just read Thomas Hawk’s post about a popular Icelandic Flickr photographer (and art student and single mom by day), Rebekka Guðleifsdóttira, who had her work ripped off and sold as prints by London-based company Only-Dreemin. The company got at least £2450 in their cash register, while Rebekka got no cash, no credit, nothing.

More information can be found on Rebekka’s Flickr post. I feel terrible for the photographer. This really really sucks.

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