I’m leaving on a jetplane. On a train. On a bus. On a boat. On my own 2 feet.

Found the local hostel after a very steep walk up a road. Even for one used to walking uphill, it was still a feat to walk up that road with a backpack. First impressions of Lyon is that it’s cleaner and less crowded place than Paris. The metro is newer but of course not as comprehensive as the one in Paris.

I’m sitting in the small little pretty courtyard of the Musee de Beaux Arts, munching on my choc chip cookies after getting scolded by my friend for not eating properly. *grin*

Managed to get the night view from the Eiffel last night , but I had to wait till almost 11pm to finally see it. The day is very long now, I don’t even know what time the sun rises because it’s up before I wake. It rained while I was making my way back to the hotel and luckily I had my umbrella. It was cold nonetheless. I figure it was about 13-14C. I only managed to reach hostel at about 11.45pm. It sounds late but it doesn’t feel like it physically except that there were less people on the streets and metro.

I’m writing this on the train to Lyon from Paris. It’s the first time I’m taking the French TGV rail service I must confess it’s better than I expected. It’s much better than the Italian trains, but just a notch below the German ones. I didn’t make reservations for Lyon although I did call to check.

Went to Garde D’Lyon to validate the pass and make reservations for the ride to Lyon which will be at 1pm. Made my way to the Sacre Coeur Basillica in the Monmarte area of Paris. The weather is great and inside of the Basillica is quite beautiful. Although it doesn’t have stained glass windows as grand as the Notre Dame, there is a huge and beautiful mural of Christ above the area where worship ceremonies are held.

After the Basillica, I took the Metro to the Musee D’Orsay . It is a very lovely museum for 19th century art. Many familiar works by Renoir, Money and especially Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The Orsay Museum is more approachable due to its size as well as exhibits. I’ve always recognised the sculpture but never knew who it was by and now I know it’s by Francois Pompon.

I had an hour to kill before queueing up for the Eiffel ride and I spent it chatting with a Moroccan guy on the lawn next to the Eiffel. He was alone and trying to take a picture and I helped him out. He helped me take one too and we had a nice chat. Morocco sounds like a great to place to visit along with Spain. Hmmm, maybe next year…

I’m now writing this in my notebook from the Eiffel. I don’t know why I’m up the Eiffel when I’m insanely terrified of heights, but it was better than I thought and seeing a rainbow from the Eiffel kinda makes it worth the while. The view is great up here and you can see all the main sights of Paris. I’m writing this seating on the bench next to the souvenir shops waiting for sunset so that I can get a night view of Paris as well. The days are long here and even already nine, the sun is only just starting to set. It’s quite cloudy so there’s not much of a sunset. That’s only part of why I’m not venturing out yet; standing at the edge outside still makes me nervous… Cold.

Arrived in Paris round about 6.30am, very tired and moody because I forgot the luggage lock key. I managed to open the pack with minimal surgery but the worse is yet to come… At the Louvre, I discovered that I left the camera card at home too. That was enough to make me want to pack up and fly home straight away but I had to pray for better times and bought another card for €61. Ouch. I walked from the Louvre to Notre Dame, picking up the SD on the way.

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