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I was initially really excited to read that Nokia has launched its music store in APAC. Wow, finally. Even though I haven’t used a Nokia phone in nearly 4 years, I was really pleased for the opportunity to buy music legally online. The S$2/track price tag was reasonable and I was ready to whip out my credit card… but this stopped me cold in my tracks.

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On a short holiday back home for the Lunar New Year, I decided to celebrate my temporary return to broadband by taking a stab at Zooomr‘s InfoTags / InfoWidgets (How big of a geek am I? I actually code for fun. Sigh.)

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I wrote a few Greasemonkey scripts that fixes a couple of UI quirks on Zooomr for me. Click through the links for more details and screenshots.

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I wanted to integrate Twitter tweets as Asides into another blog I was setting up. The excellent Twitter Tools from did exactly what I wanted except that the posts created had comments and trackbacks (pings) open. There was no option to default the comments/trackback status.

I wanted comments and trackbacks for Asides to be closed for now, so a quick hack was in order. I suppose I could have added new options to make this configurable but I was too lazy. :p

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