The words that bounce around the cavity of my skull.

Back from the other side for a little over a month now, this blog returns to its usual semi-regular programming. I’m struggling a little on what to write about, but I do resolve to a be a little less whiney. I’ll try anyway. 🙂

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My Singnet broadband contract was up and I was entitled to re-contract with some freebies thrown in. I did not think being away from Singapore would be a problem since I remember being able to re-contract online previously. So off I went to the Singnet recontract link, log in, select the broadband plan, etc, and then lo and behold.

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I miss day dreaming. The luxury to stare into space, with not a single thought to occupy your mind.

I took the afternoon off from work today. In part because I have a birthday dinner to attend later in the evening, and largely because I wanted to go sit in a cafe, by myself, and just be “unoccupied” for a while. I had to get connected to the office network for a spot of work, but I managed to get it cleared up in an hour.

Now I’m just sitting here. Watching the crowds stroll by. Typing leisurely on the laptop.

I have nowhere to get to. No calls that I must return. Nothing I should have gotten done yesterday.

Just chillin’.

So Say We All

I could kick myself in the butt for missing out on TalkingCock in Parliament: We, the Citizens (you gotta love that title) last week. I was on training, and for a change, I wouldn’t have needed to rush from my office in the boondocks to get there. @#$%^&?!

From the initial videos online, it looked like a night to remember.

A big thank you to everyone at and IndigNation 2006, for that swell of pride (pun not intended) that a month full of speeches, parades and fireworks couldn’t.

Happy National Day, Singapore.

Damn it, someone kick me. Hard.


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