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I’ve made the leap and taken the other fork in the path. I’ll be blogging from here until October 2008. See you there!

  1. 2.32pm – Login to shell account.
  2. 2.33pm – Login to WP admin.
  3. 2.33pm – Deactivate all plugins.
  4. 2.34pm – Follow instructions to upgrade via shell.
  5. 2.40pm – Tried to activate WP Enhanced Plugin Manager for mass plugin activation. Plugin doesn’t work. Okay, Plan B; activate 20+ plugins manually.
  6. 2.44pm – Done
  7. 2.46pm – Blog about non-event upgrade.
  8. 2.50pm – Resume life.

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Big is Beautiful

I was surfing for some WordPress plugins when I chanced upon Mike Smullin’s blog and had a sudden epiphany — you don’t have need tiny fonts to look “cool”. The typography on the site on Mike’s site was, for a change, big, readable, and very comfortable on the eyes. It must be a sign of my age, but I decided that itsy bitsy fonts are OUT. I want my site to be clear and easily readable without a magnifying glass, and hence a quick dive in the stylesheet was in order. There is a problem with the layout if I upped the base font size too much, so this is a temporary hack until I get a chance to re-work the theme properly.



So here’s how it is; not as big as I would like it, but it will have to suffice for now. And no offence to the original theme author but for this blogger, BIG IS BEAUTIFUL.


PS: If the screenshots look better than what you see in your browser, that’s because I’ve ClearType enabled on my XP install. Try it sometime, you will be surprised at how much better your screen fonts can look.

Stumbled upon a pretty simple way to embed Google Maps in your WordPress blog, thanks to the Inline Google Maps 2 plugin. The instructions are relatively straightforward and plugin works as described. My only gripe is that the Google Maps javascript files are loaded on every page even if there are no maps embedded.

[Update] Seems like there is a better and more updated branch of the plugin by another author,  Avi Alkalay, that is more RSS friendly. I find that the display customisation also works better with this version. The plugin can be found here.

Orchard MRT

The map above was generated using the Google Maps plugin for WordPress.

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