Back to regular programming

Back from the other side for a little over a month now, this blog returns to its usual semi-regular programming. I’m struggling a little on what to write about, but I do resolve to a be a little less whiney. I’ll try anyway. 🙂

The reverse culture shock has pretty much worn off. A far cry from the first morning home, where I woke up wondering if I was dreaming my life back here, or were my memories of the past year the dream. In the days that followed, it often felt like I was on the outside looking in through a window. At a life that was so very familiar, but somehow not quite “in-sync” with my reality. I would tell myself every now and then, “I am back home now” and occasionally followed it with a pinch just to make sure.

It does not take long for me to be swept right back into the beat that this city marches to. Life will, and must, go on. Come what may, I will always have the memories of my year in the mountains.