Sorry Nokia, try harder next time.

I was initially really excited to read that Nokia has launched its music store in APAC. Wow, finally. Even though I haven’t used a Nokia phone in nearly 4 years, I was really pleased for the opportunity to buy music legally online. The S$2/track price tag was reasonable and I was ready to whip out my credit card… but this stopped me cold in my tracks.

Excerpt from the CNET report (emphasis mine):

The songs will be with Windows Media DRM and this isn’t a surprise to Claudio Checchia, research manger for Consumer Markets at IDC Asia Pacific.

Checchia told CNET Asia in an email interview: “Although music labels have started to warm up to the idea of testing the waters selling DRM-free music, at least on a limited basis in many US- or European-based online music stores, DRM is still deemed a necessary evil in APEJ.

“Bottom line, there was no way the record labels would have agreed to the launch of Nokia’s music store without DRM.”

Each track will cost S$2 and users can sync the songs via Windows Media Player 11 from their desktop to their mobile device for an unlimited number of times. Burning songs to CD, however, is restricted to 10 copies, depending on the agreement regarding fair use policies with the labels involved.

Thank you for assuming that your customers, who are willing to pay good music for their music, will act like thieves. So you sell your music crippled with these ridiculous restrictions.

Thank you, I’m flattered.

And despite the slap in the face, I tried to access the store only to be greeted with this friendly message.

Nokia Music Store

The credit card went right back. Thanks Nokia, you just saved me from a hefty bill.

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