Flickr InfoWidget for Zooomr

On a short holiday back home for the Lunar New Year, I decided to celebrate my temporary return to broadband by taking a stab at Zooomr‘s InfoTags / InfoWidgets (How big of a geek am I? I actually code for fun. Sigh.)

Flickr Infowidget - Updated

So here it is, a Flickr InfoWidget that lets you link a Flickr photo ID to your Zooomr photo. Once linked, you can synchronise Title, Description and Tags from Flickr into Zooomr. As always, Firefox and Greasemonkey are needed. Get the script here .

Check out the demo once you’ve got the script installed. You will only be to synchronise the metadata if you’re logged in as the owner of the photo in Zooomr.

If you’re interested in writing InfoWidgets as well, take a look at the sample Mood InfoWidget source or mine. Happy coding!

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