Photowalk along the Railroad Tracks

I snuck off for an hour before dinner on Saturday to give my new toy a spin. I took a brisk walk and made my way to the section of the railroad tracks near Rifle Range Road. A small lesson was learnt for the day: flip-flops don’t do well on track gravel. 🙂

A legacy of our colonial heritage, the railroad tracks have always been a familiar sight for me growing up. Both my primary school and junior college (before it moved) were located just beside the tracks along Holland Road.

While letting the pinhole camera do it’s thing (cloudy day = long exposure), I took a couple of shots with my digital camera (talk about contrast between the old and new). I could have walked a little further to the small Bukit Timah station but dinner was waiting at home. Typical of my luck, I heard a familiar rumble as I started walking home. The evening KTM train roared past just as I turned to look over my shoulder…

Maybe next time, Old Dame.


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Small photo set here.

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