August 2007

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I snuck off for an hour before dinner on Saturday to give my new toy a spin. I took a brisk walk and made my way to the section of the railroad tracks near Rifle Range Road. A small lesson was learnt for the day: flip-flops don’t do well on track gravel. 🙂

A legacy of our colonial heritage, the railroad tracks have always been a familiar sight for me growing up. Both my primary school and junior college (before it moved) were located just beside the tracks along Holland Road.

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An early appointment in the City Hall area brought me there last Saturday morning. I didn’t finish until past noon and went hunting for a simple lunch after that. I found a coffeeshop along Waterloo Street, a stone’s throw away from the Art Museum. After a satisfying lunch of chicken rice, I found to my delight that entrance to the museum was free for the day. It was not a bad thing that photography was not permitted in the galleries (it is allowed in the museum’s public areas); focusing on the art pieces is easier when you’re not peering at them through the viewfinder. 🙂 I spent a satisfying 2 hours going through the museum’s galleries.

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I wanted to integrate Twitter tweets as Asides into another blog I was setting up. The excellent Twitter Tools from did exactly what I wanted except that the posts created had comments and trackbacks (pings) open. There was no option to default the comments/trackback status.

I wanted comments and trackbacks for Asides to be closed for now, so a quick hack was in order. I suppose I could have added new options to make this configurable but I was too lazy. :p

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