Photowalk at Chinatown

Went photowalking with a friend at Chinatown on the weekend. We ran into some rather unpleasant business which I will not go into detail here but we managed to get a good morning’s walk out of it anway.

Chinatown has alot to offer for photography enthusiasts and we saw many fellow camera-totting photographers on the streets. I didn’t cover as much ground as I hoped but that just means I will have more to shoot the next time I visit Chinatown. 🙂

Caged Chinatown, Singapore White Blue Green Vespa Control Pink on Pink Yellow Art Deco 1953

Full Flick set here.

Before heading out, I did a little research to locate the good photo spots in Chinatown and mapped them in Google Maps with some additional information. I’m putting it online for my own reference and for anyone who may be interested. Check it out here.

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