Flitting Between Two Mistresses

So, during Zooomr’s prolonged downtime due to Mark III’s relaunch, I went and signed up for a Pro account at Flickr on a complete impulse. The free account does not allow the downloading of the original hi-res photos (bummer) and only the latest 200 photos are shown in the active stream (what?). I haven’t used the free Flickr account much but since Zooomr is down for the Mark III (re)launch, I figured it was as good a time as any to check out Flickr properly.

I’m sure this sounds a wee bit ridiculous but this is from the perspective from an old skool Zooomr v2 user looking at Flickr for the first time. Flickr is obviously THE photosharing site for alot of people for long time and has lots of time to refine their features. Zooomr, on the other hand, is really the new kid on the block who’s a little wet behind the ears but tries to make up for it with buckets of enthusiasm (and very little sleep).

What I Really Like in Flickr

  1. Search is great. Zooomr’s search is currently limited only to tags, maxes out at 5000 results, and to be honest, really really basic. I also prefer Flick’s search result display. Flickr Clusters, showing photos from commonly grouped tags, are very useful.
  2. Sets work perfectly. Although not quite as “smart” as Zooomr’s, I can’t say I’m dreadfully disappointed. Zooomr’s SmartSets have been really a hit-and-miss for me. I like Flickr’s Collections too; being able to group your sets into Collections. I can see this working well for organised freaks people.
  3. Tags are flawless. You can replace tags, delete tags across your entire collection very easily. I hate that the tag cloud in my profile page in Zooomr shows all photos instead of just my photos with that tag.
  4. Photo management. Flickr scores a knockout when trying to work with batches of photos. The ease at which you can edit multiple photo attributes, put them into sets, etc, is awesome. Fantastic user experience.
  5. EXIF information is more complete. Hi ISO, I missed seeing you in Zooomr and it’s nice to know that 0.003 sec is really 1/400. EXIF info is also retained in the high-res download from Flickr.
  6. Navigation is intuitive. I like the fact that Flickr retains the context of your navigation path, i.e. when you’re in a set, the previous/next links points to the previous/next photos within the set. Zooomr previous/next links always points to the previous/next photos within the main user photo stream. A real pain to navigate through sets this way.
  7. A gadzillion groups. Groups are not available in Zooomr v2 but are slated to show up in v3.

What I Really Like in Zooomr

  1. Geotagging with Google Maps. Too bad Flickr is Yahoo property so I don’t see any hope of ever using Google Maps in Flickr. Google Maps kick Yahoo Maps butt big time for now.
  2. Localisations. I’ve only used Zooomr in English and so it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference for me, but knowing that Zooomr takes cares of that warms my geeky mushy heart. I’m not sure what to make of Yahoo’s intentions to launch a Chinese version of Flickr just yet. Hmm.

There are of course dozens more feature differences between David and Goliath Flickr and Zooomr but these are just some of the ones that jumped out at me. I like Zooomr, really I do. Look at how much I written about it. But is Zooomr still Flickr on Steroids? Not v2 for sure, but maybe Mark 3… when it arrives. I’m going to explore more of Flickr while waiting for Mark 3 to get out the door. Can’t wait.

[Edit]: Had to fix the post title, which explains the weird post slug. I meant Flitting, not Flirting. Doh.

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