Togi Korean Restaurant – For the Last Time

I was in the Chinatown area last Sunday and decided to pop by with my friend to grab some dinner. We arrived a little past 7.30pm and was relieved it wasn’t packed like the last time.

We both ordered our favourite beef bibimap and when our orders arrived, I cannot tell you how disappointed we were. Instead of the generous serving of sliced beef that we were used to, the bibimap came with an utterly miserly portion of minced beef. I reckoned there wasn’t any more than a heaping tablespoon of beef mince in it.

After stirring it up, you could barely see or taste any of the beef mince. It was awful and no amount of gochujang could save it. I couldn’t eat more than a few mouthfuls, because it felt like I was eating rice mush with vegetables. My friend tried to drop a subtle hint to the lady owner by asking if chef was changed and then pointing out that the beef portion was much smaller than before. She merely smiled and replied that perhaps the kitchen crew was in a rush. Nothing else was said and done, and I pushed my bowl away after a few more weak attempts at eating it.

Seasoned Potato Salad

I rarely write if I didn’t have anything good to say, but my original Togi review is one of the most popular posts on this blog and I felt duty-bound to report on my latest experience. I have sworn off going back to Togi after this dismal experience, so consider yourself forewarned.

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