Photowalk at 斗天宫

I have passed by this wonderfully ornate temple several times and I told myself every time that I should stop and get some photos. I was in the area today and finally did so. The afternoon sun washed out a little of the colour in the photos but it was fun anyway. I think I’ll be back again in the future, hopefully with the morning sun and nice blue skies for a backdrop.

A Dragon's View


Under the Dragon's Roof


Check out the rest of the photos here.

You can find 斗天宫庙 (Dou Tian Gong Temple) near the junction of Jalan Bahar and Jurong West Avenue 4.


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  1. Jo’s avatar

    nice shots !!

  2. ping’s avatar

    Jo, Thank you!

    1. Terence’s avatar

      when in the world u take photo of dou tian gong temple? nvr see u take be4 sia

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