Score a Joost beta invite!

Joost I’ve got 2 beta invites for Joost (previously known as the Venice Project) to give out. If you haven’t heard about Joost, check out their FAQ. It’s an interesting Television over IP initiative and while not a whole lot of content is available, there is an eclectic mix of channels featuring music videos, indie videos, sports segments, etc. A list of channels are available online if you’re interested. I’m a bit of a documentary buff, so I like the channels like National Geographic.

How to get an invite from yours truly: I’m a bit of a closet foodie, so if you’re interested in scoring an invite for yourself, recommend me a makan place in the WESTERN side of Singapore (sorry eastern peeps, I’m so sick of all the posts raving about the good food on your side of the island 😉 and also to the rest of world, sorry).

It doesn’t have to be upmarket (the cheaper the better!) and I have no dietary constraints. Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, whatever; it doesn’t matter as long as it’s yummy and you’re willing to give it your ringing endorsement.

I’m looking for recommendations to places that hopefully haven’t been featured to death in the media already. So leave a comment on this post; if you’ve got your own blog post about it, all the better!

I’ll do a random pick and invites will be sent out by Saturday. That’s assuming I actually get more than 1 response to this! 😉

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  1. freestmind’s avatar

    If you still got em i’d love one ^^ thnx

  2. Joe’s avatar

    A closet foodie? Are you near Bukit Timah?

    You’ve gotta try the best ‘zhi char’ place called ‘Yong Chye Chicken Rice’ (along Coronation Road and opposite Shell station, off Bukit Timah Road). Hope you like it!

    I love the Joost goodness! 🙂

  3. Andre’s avatar

    I’m not sure if my comment can be useful for you, since I live in the other side of globe and probably my taste differs from yours. Despite this problem, with some help from Google, I can suggest a place that maybe you would like, is Brazil Churrascaria (Churrasco is barbecue in portuguese). Barbecue it’s preferred food of many brazilians, like me. I think you will like very much. =]

    The place:
    14-16 Sixth Avenue
    Tel: 4631923


  4. ping’s avatar

    Invites sent to Andre and Joe. Thanks for dropping by!

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