Sakuraya Sashimi House

My favourite Japanese restaurant is a little nondescript restaurant tucked away in Ginza Plaza, along West Coast Road Anchorpoint Shopping Centre along Alexandra Road. Sakuraya was recommended by a former colleague about 3 years ago, and I’ve been a loyal and regular patron ever since. The restaurant serves excellent sashimi and sushi at a very reasonable price. The sashimi is always fresh probably because the owners also run a fish mart. The fish mart, which also sells a variety of frozen and processed foods from Japan, used to be just next door and has since relocated to the Buona Vista area early this year.

Simply Yummy

The restaurant serves a small complimentary serving of appetisers while you wait for your orders. The appetisers are always interesting and the chef makes an effort to come up with new ones. I’ve been served the same appetiser twice only a handful of times in all of my visits.

The set meals are good value for money and the large set (the name of which escapes me) can be shared between two if you have small appetites; add one of the sushi sets or some à la carte sushi to your order if you are feeling hungry. I also enjoy the seasonal menu items that the restaurant promotes every now and then. It’s a wonderful way to be introduced to the various types of sashimi, knowing that you’re consuming seafood at it’s seasonal peak.

Sushi Set

The cooked foods on the menu, on the other hand, while not bad, are average. On the rare occasion when I don’t feel like having sushi, I order the Buri Daikon which is great when paired simply with a bowl of rice.

Buri Daikon

The restaurant was featured in the papers early last year, and for a few months the place was filled to capacity every night. There was a long wait for tables if you didn’t have a reservation and service standards slipped a little. Thankfully things have settled down now, but it’s still advisable to call ahead during the weekends.

The restaurant offers a loyalty card to customers and every $20 spent gets you a single stamp. If memory serves me right (I misplaced my last card), 25 stamps earns you a $50 voucher.

[Update 2007.03.12] Thanks to a tip from Keropokman that Ginza Plaza is closed for renovations, it looks like Sakuraya has moved out from the address below. According to the announcement on their website, they are moving to Anchorpoint but no word yet on the new address or whether renovations for the new restaurant have been completed.

[Update 2007.03.13] I called up the restaurant and managed to get their new address which is updated below. It looks like that they are back in business.

Sakuraya Sashimi House
154 West Coast Road
#01-04/05 Ginza Plaza
Singapore 127371
Tel: 68720216, 67748216 / Fax: 67748423

370 Alexandra Road
#01-32 Anchorpoint
Tel: 68720216


Sakuraya Fish Mart
3 South Buona Vista Road #02-01/02
The Village Centre Singapore 118136
Tel 67736973, 68725350 / Fax 67731254

80 Marine Parade Road #B1-83D
Parkway Parade (S) 449269
Tel 63454714 / Fax 63465924

Sakuraya also does home delivery which is great for home parties.

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  1. Keropokman’s avatar

    Yeah heard that its nice place to eat.

    But is it still at Ginza? Though that since a few weeks ago, all the shops in Ginza have moved out. The whole building is closed.

  2. ping’s avatar

    Oh is Ginza Plaza closed? I didn’t know. I last ate at Sakuraya in January and no one mentioned anything. I am making plans to have dinner there this week; I guess I better call!

  3. Keropokman’s avatar

    yeah, whole building no access. its due for a huge overhaul.

    let us know where it has moved to ya…

  4. ping’s avatar

    It looks like they may have moved to Anchorpoint according to the announcement on their site. No address details provided though, and no news on whether renovation for the new restaurant is completed.

  5. ping’s avatar

    I have updated the post with Sakuraya’s new address. 🙂

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