Not quite Wireless@SG

Trying out the Wireless@SG connection at the West Mall Burger King outlet. Still encountering the same problems I had the first time I tried out Wireless@SG, which was also at a BK outlet but different mall. I had 4 dropped connections in the last 15 minutes although the reconnect is quick. I’m typing this offline because I don’t think the auto-save feature in WordPress is going to save this post when the connection drops again.

I doubt it’s a problem with the wifi on the laptop. I’ve never had frequent disconnect problems except on Wireless@SG, even though the signal is at an acceptable strength of 60-65%. Google didn’t bring up anything conclusive, but the wifi works fine at home/work/friend’s place so I’m not convinced it’s just my problem.

Does anyone out there face the same problem? Leave a comment and let me know that I’m not alone!

Last count: 9 disconnects in 25 minutes. I give up!

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  1. DK’s avatar

    Are there alot of laptop users in BK? Maybe its because there are alot of users.

    BK’s wireless@sg is actually the old Singnet hotspot. It should be quite stable….I guess. Since people used to be paying for the service.

  2. ping’s avatar

    I saw only 2-3 other people with laptops in BK. There is a KFC right next to BK at West Mall, so there may be more users there… I can understand if the connection is slow due to heavy usage, but getting connected-disconnected-connected ad nauseum is ridiculous.

    I have actually used Singnet’s paid hotspots without problems before Wireless@SG was launched. The Skynet network at Macs works fine for me too, and I’m sure there are way more people connected there.

  3. Cobalt Paladin’s avatar

    I’ve had similar problem at the BK outlet at Thomson Plaza. It requires constant reconnect every minute. After 5 minutes, I gave up.

    My friend had a similar issue when she was at Spinelli at Forum Galleria.

    Think wireless@sg is inconsistent. Some places are better than others.

  4. ping’s avatar

    I have to say all the fuss over Wireless@SG was great publicity, but oh well, reality bites. 🙂

  5. thomas’s avatar

    It may be the strategy of provider tp let people use their pay service.

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