February 2007

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Trying out the Wireless@SG connection at the West Mall Burger King outlet. Still encountering the same problems I had the first time I tried out Wireless@SG, which was also at a BK outlet but different mall. I had 4 dropped connections in the last 15 minutes although the reconnect is quick. I’m typing this offline because I don’t think the auto-save feature in WordPress is going to save this post when the connection drops again.

I doubt it’s a problem with the wifi on the laptop. I’ve never had frequent disconnect problems except on Wireless@SG, even though the signal is at an acceptable strength of 60-65%. Google didn’t bring up anything conclusive, but the wifi works fine at home/work/friend’s place so I’m not convinced it’s just my problem.

Does anyone out there face the same problem? Leave a comment and let me know that I’m not alone!

Last count: 9 disconnects in 25 minutes. I give up!

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Local Comedy

I caught Hossan Leong’s comedy gig Multiple Personalities Disorder a few evenings ago. Courtesy of a good friend who thought I need a little cheering up since I’ve been feeling little down in the dumps lately. The script was written by Benjamin Lee, aka Mr. Miyagi, and had its share of funny moments, but it fell a little flat at times for me. The theme of attracting foreign talent to Singapore was repeated once too many and wore out quite quickly towards the end for me. You can only beat a dead horse so many times in 90 minutes.

Not everyone agrees with me though. We could tell that a gentleman sitting near us enjoyed it very much though, he laughed at every single punch line (and more) and you could hear him easily even from 10 seats away.

Apparently Broadway Beng star, Sebastian Tan, was in the audience that night. Now that was a brilliant comedy musical, brilliant script and an absolutely wicked performance. It made everyone laugh and celebrate the Beng (and Lian) in all of us. Taking off on the success of his first show, Sebastian will be staging Broadway Beng Returns in May this year, and I’m certainly looking forward to that one.

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Trying this novel little service called IMified.
Will the html tags show up?
I guess it’s worth a try.

[Update from the Web]:
Seems like the a href tags were stripped but the p tags worked okay. No support for Categories though. Ideal for quick twitter-like blog posts, but probably not too suitable for full-blown blogging. IMified supports a bunch of other useful services like Google Notes, ToDo, Calendar, etc. Pretty useful if IM takes up a big part of your online life. Works with AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk/Jabber.

IMified Services

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Howfarisitometer. I stumbled on this neat page where you can map out routes on Google Maps and also calculate the distance covered. It even generates a permalink which you can use to retrieve the same route again. Brillliant.


The author has generously given permission for anyone to use the javascript file on their site, as long as you credit the author with a link. Trés cool.

[Update 2007.02.20]: I’ve mirrored a version of the original code with some small tweaks. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing with it yet, but it’s still very cool. 😉

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