December 2006

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Good Ole Lynx

It was just too painful not being able to access Google, so on a lark, I decided to try using Lynx on the server that my site was hosted on, since it’s hosted in the US of A.

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Ho ho ho… Brilliant!


Off the Grid

Internet access in our part of the globe has been severely affected by the earthquake in Taiwan. Submarine cables that connect us to the internet backbone were damaged. The local telco claims the submarine cables linking Europe are not affected but I haven’t been able to access BBC from work today although Bloomberg was fine. MSN/Google access is also very spotty. I was able to access both from home last night but no luck in the office today.

Connection problems are a little inconsistent with no problems to some overseas sites, while others are practically off the grid for us. I was able to access the blog and post without trouble (kudos to Dreamhost?) albeit with a slower connection then usual. The Twitter scripts had to be removed temporarily because was timing out for me and holding up the site.

It’s probably going to be this way for a couple of weeks until the damaged cables are fixed. Oh Google, how will I live without you?

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Since my first visit to Togi, I’ve been back a couple of times and it appears that business has been booming for the folks there. On my last visit a few days back, we made the mistake of not making a reservation before dropping by. The place was packed for dinner on a weekday and we had to wait outside together with about half-a-dozen other patrons. Togi has “expanded” its capacity by adding more tables and chairs along the walkway outside its doors. Without a doubt, business is good.

Fortunately, we waited for only about 10 minutes before we got a table. My friend pointed out the framed clippings from the local papers and lifestyle magazines on the wall near our table. Ahh… that explains why Togi’s packed.

In a food-obsessed city as small as ours, a good restaurant is a tough secret to keep. Once featured in the local mass media, it usually gets overwhelmed by the sudden flux of over-eager patrons. Getting a table without a reservation becomes impossible. Service and, too often, food quality takes a beating.

I mourned briefly, knowing that I will be giving Togi a miss for the next couple of months until all the fuss has blown over. Ah well.

Needless to say, I did not enjoy my dinner at Togi’s as much as I usually do. The already tiny place was packed and so noisy that I could barely hear my companions. It took a while before we were served our tea and appetisers. When our orders were served, we had to help ourselves to the hot sauce jar and napkins from another table because they were missing from ours. The familiar lady owner kept her usual smile the whole time we were there, and the wait staff was trying their best to cope with the crowd, but we felt that, perhaps, it was all just a little too much for them.

The bibimbap was still good but I will probably wait a while before coming back.

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