October 2006

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Pardon the dust

Whilst I get this whole migration to WordPress sorted out… Comments are temporarily turned off until I get the blog locked down against spammers.

[Update]: Seems like I got most of the kinks ironed out. Permalinks and RSS feeds should be redirecting.

[Update2]: Switched to the TypoXP theme. Included Google Analytics.

[Update3]: Switched themes for the nth time. I never said I wasn’t fickle. 😉

Angels Mosaic

I was asked recently to help some friends with a mini-“product shoot” for some beautiful angel ornaments that they were making to raise funds for a Habitat for Humanity project. The first batch of photos were needed in a hurry so I had to come up with a DIY mini home studio real quick. I grabbed a roll of mahjong paper (basically big white sheets of paper) on the way home from work, thinking I could use them as a cheap backdrop. In the end, I just used an A4 sheet of paper propped up against a desk light, and the mahjong paper ended up being a pretty good reflector instead. I wish I had taken some pictures of the setup but it took no more than 10 minutes to setup and even less to tear down.

I think I didn’t do too badly for my “first time”. A little rough at the edges, but with a little work in Photoshop, the photos turned out okay. At least my friends seem pleased with it.

I dropped by the “angel-workshop” on Saturday and took some more photos. Response has been great for the angels so far and they are selling out fast. Great work guys!

PS: Thank you, Mosaic Maker!



Some friends of mine are raising funds for a Habitat for Humanity project through the sale of these beautifully made Angels. These are all handmade with love by the volunteers. Made from quality Swarovski crystals, these trinklets are available in a couple of colours such as blue, pink, green and yellow.

Available for sale in Singapore until November only. More information can be found at http://angels-of-blessing.blogspot.com/ so head on over and place your order.