August 2006

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So Say We All

I could kick myself in the butt for missing out on TalkingCock in Parliament: We, the Citizens (you gotta love that title) last week. I was on training, and for a change, I wouldn’t have needed to rush from my office in the boondocks to get there. @#$%^&?!

From the initial videos online, it looked like a night to remember.

A big thank you to everyone at and IndigNation 2006, for that swell of pride (pun not intended) that a month full of speeches, parades and fireworks couldn’t.

Happy National Day, Singapore.

Damn it, someone kick me. Hard.


Self Potrait

Self Portrait

Taken in Queenstown, New Zealand. Heavily cropped and selectively desaturated.

One of those rare chances that I get to take a photo of myself. 🙂

TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter

When I was in primary school, screenings of Star Wars movies after the exams was a regular feature. It kept us occupied while the teachers were busy with the marking. Over the 6 years, I must have watched Episodes IV, V, VI at least twice each. I have always wondered who that mystery Star Wars-obsessed teacher was, and if he knew that he was grooming the next generation of Star Wars fans.

The Art of Star Wars exhibition made its way to the Singapore Science Centre earlier this year. Unlike most exhibitions, photography was allowed but no flash. I got my picture taken with Darth Vader *lol*, but no, you’ll never see it online.

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An old friend of mine, C, asked me, over msn, for some help with setting up a blog. Never mind that she’s only 8000 miles away on the other side of the globe. It worked out pretty well in the end and she’s even got videos working on her blog (Thank you, Google Video!). How cool is that?

Days like this make me proud to be a geek. 🙂