Meetings meetings…

A couple of notes on meeting decorum:

  1. Always consider the impact of your choice of mobile phone ringtones on your professional image. Imagine what people will think when your phone goes off and a bright “Cock-a-too-too!” or “Dian wey hiang liao!”* breaks the relative silence of a management meeting…
  2. Put your PDA/laptop on mute in a meeting. This bloke sitting 2 seats away was fiddling with his XDA II and with the speakers ON. I could hear every tap on the XDA, including the fake shutter click when he decided to test the built-in camera.
  3. There is no need to leave your mobile ring volume at max. If you can’t bear to put it on silent/vibrate mode, you can always turn the volume down. A meeting room isn’t a fish market. Really.

Not that it has ever happened at my work place. I’m just saying, ya know. 🙂

* Translated from dialect, “Your telephone is ringing!”