Of street peddlers and boulders

Found this young’s lady (kutu) response to a tissue peddler in Orchard road via Tomorrow. Am tempted to post a “What is the world coming to?” kind of rant, but will it make a difference? I haven’t explored the rest of kutu’s blog, but suffice to say, she seems like a educated young lady who can write and express herself well enough. What makes a person call a street peddler a “boulder” and to write…

I believe the police had been call in before over this and every single time, a warning that is not heeded is given. Just because someone is old, does it make it right to give exemptions over and over?

Because in that case, every other convict will also have a sob story to tell and to that, they shall be pardon.


There are probably more beggars than dustbins on the streets right now already.

It was a cynical response at best. At worst, a disappointing reflection on the state of society. Shame on us all.

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