March of the Penguins

I caught the special Outdoor Charity Premiere of March of the Penguins at the Jurong BirdPark last Friday. The movie was fantastic, although some might question its release as a theatrical work, but I for one, will look forward to such amazing productions at the cinemas. The premiere was the original French version, and had English subtitles in white; a bad idea since the documovie is set in the snowy white Arctic.

The movie tracks the arduous journeys that Emperor penguins undertake; to mate, and to raise their young. It is a heartbreaking story at times, and ultimately a moving one. Who knew that penguins would be capable of such emotion and heroism? I give the movie 2 thumbs up. Will consider catching the version narrated by Morgan Freeman in the cinemas.

Catching the preview at the Birdpark gave me a chance to have a short stroll around the grounds. I managed to catch the feeding of the penguins and also walked through the owl gallery (can’t remember the exact name of that exhibit). Very delightful, even if walking pass the squawking parrots meant suffering an aural assault.

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  1. daface’s avatar

    It’s the Antarctic actually. Polar Bears north, Penguins south

    And iirc, the local theatres aint gonna show the Morgan Freeman narration. It’s either the original french version, or some chinese dubbed version

  2. ping’s avatar

    Ah yes, me bad. I knew they were in the south, but somehow Arctic came out instead.

    Pity the Morgan Freeman narrated version isn’t showing locally… I thought the English version would have been an easier sell.

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