Day 6 – Aix-en-Provence

I’m sitting on a bench outside the hostel in Aix, waiting for the reception to open. Yeah, some hostels have lock-out periods and the reception is also closed for part of those hours.

Getting out of Lyon this morning was a bit of a pain because the metro lines that ran to the train station weren’t running (technical failure or strike I couldn’t tell) and so after running around and waiting fruitlessly for almost an hour, the friendly guy at one of the metro stops told me to walk (after I told him the tramway which ran to the train station was also closed) from another station. Luckily it was only about a 20+ mins or so walk. Good thing that I left the hostel first thing in the morning because I wanted to change my reservation to Aix instead of Marseille. It is yet another sunny day today. I think I’m getting a tan on my face and am considering buying a pair of shorts here. I haven’t seen the main town of Aix yet but it seems to be one of those small towns that I’m pretty fond of. There’s supposed to be at least 2 open-air food markets tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to to that and also the flea market too. I started reading the book that my friend lent me last night. It’s a pretty good book and quite scary to read when you’re alone at night in a dorm surrounded by strangers, in a foreign city far away from home. Bad news is that I’m reading the book too quickly and I’m more than two-thirds through already. I decided to write more in the notebook but I think I will be running out of pages soon. It’s going to be a tough fight; a new book to read or a new notebook to write in. If I’m lucky, I mean really lucky, I might find both tomorrow and hopefully cheaply too.