October 2004

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FCK ScreenshotInstalled the free but excellent open-source cross-browser rich-text editor FCKeditor on MT.

I tried to install HtmlArea but couldn’t get it working properly in Firefox. While I trying to figure out what was wrong with HtmlArea, I came across FCKeditor and thought I might have a chance with it. I had to hack CMS.pm and edit_entry.tmpl as mainly described here and even fckeditor.js itself to fix some puzzling javascript errors.

Other than the javascript errors, my main grouse would be that it doesn’t seem to support custom button actions like HtmlArea. But at least it works, and it looks pretty darned good too.

Although I probably will have very little use for it myself (especially since I cannot add custom actions without some more hacking… I may have to research more into this), non-techies like my sister, who may soon be using MT too, will probably think it’s a god-send replacement for MT’s sparse formating helper options.